Bitcoin Canada: Buy Fried Chicken from KFC Canada with Your Bitcoins

Bitcoin Canada: Buy Fried Chicken from KFC Canada with Your Bitcoins

It is official – KFC Canada now accepts Bitcoins which means you can pay for your fried chicken with your Bitcoin money!

Kentucky Fried Chicken Canada or KFC Canada presents you the Bitcoin Bucket! What is that? Keep reading this article and you will find out!

Yes, it is official, now you can buy your favorite fried chicken by using your Bitcoin Canada. If you follow the news you probably know that it is all about Bitcoins today.

This popular cryptocurrency has taken over the world, and now you KFC Canada is accepting this popular cryptocurrency if you order online, but for a limited time only.

Bitcoin has experienced a pretty turbulent year so far with the virtual cryptocurrency behaving carelessly after a huge dip in its value toward the end of last year.

Customers in Canada can order the meal or so-called Bitcoin Bucket, directly from the KFC website. But, what about the price? How much does it cost to buy this meal?

The price of this limited meal is the Bitcoin equivalent of exactly $20 Canadian dollars. It is recommendable for all Bitcoin holders to check the current market price of the Bitcoin to see if they think it is smart for them to buy with Bitcoins. If you think you are getting a good deal, then go on and spend your coins.

The Bitcoin Bucket deal consists of 10 chicken tenders, a medium side, waffle fries, medium gravy and two dips.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Canada has successfully launched the promotion with a few jokes related to Bitcoin. KFC Canada joins different retailers and outlets, testing the cryptocurrency as a secure and convenient method of payment, including different stores in South Africa.

Last year, in September, Pick n Pay test Bitcoin purchases and they have allowed customers to pay for their groceries by using their Bitcoin money. While they didn’t say when or whether the customers would be able to pay with cryptocurrency at their stores, it certainly describes Bitcoin as a game changer for the whole retail industry. According to Pick n Pay the whole programme resulted in a safe transaction without frauds and scams.

So, what do you think about this? Do you like the gesture? Will you buy your favorite fried chicken with your Bitcoin money? Do you think other restaurants and bars should start accepting Bitcoin Canada?

Share your opinion and experience with us!